Stop the New Traffic Signal at Mikell and Harbor View? 

At the request of County Councilman Joe Qualey, Town Councilman Troy Mullinax has placed on the Town agenda a resolution requesting that the Department of Transportation delay activation of the new traffic signal at the corner of Mikell Drive and Harborview Road.   The idea is that only if a traffic study shows that it is needed will the traffic signal be turned on.

If this passes Town Council, it will go to the City of Charleston and then Charleston County.   If the local governments agree, it is likely that SCDOT will agree to the delay.

In my opinion, this request should have come two years ago when the Town first approved the project.  The plan presented to the Town by the Charleston County at that time included this traffic signal.

Town Council will consider this matter at our next meeting on Thursday, November 17 at 7:00.   Public comment is at the beginning of our meeting.

Mayor Bill Woolsey

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BCD COG Regional Walking & Bike Plan Public Meeting 

Planning for Active Transportation in the Tri County Region

Regional Walking & Biking Plan Public Meeting to be held on Thursday, December 1st at James Island Charter High School, 1000 Fort Johnson Road, James Island. All meetings are open-house style and open to the public. Drop in any time between 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. Click here for additional information. 



Posted by Frances Wednesday, November 9, 2016 10:05:00 AM

Hurricane Matthew Debris Removal Update 

As of Monday, Nov. 8th, James Island now has 18 debris removal contractor trucks on the Island whereas we have had on average 7 trucks on the Island. In addition, the JIPSD and City crews are also picking up debris on their regular routes and working 7 days a week.

The attached map shows the debris removal zones. The following is a break-down of percentage complete. Zone JI - 95%. J2 - 25%. J3 - 50%. J4 - 60%. J5 - 60%. J6 - 60%. J7 - ...60%.

Questions about Debris Collections? Call 843-202-7600 or email Public Works at

For more information on debris removal, please visit…/emerg…/matthewrecovery.php

Posted by Ashley Tuesday, November 8, 2016 8:57:00 AM

Town of James Island Shred Day Event 

This is a reminder that the Town of James Island and SHRED 360 will provide free shredding to the public on Friday, November 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This event will be held in the parking lot at the Town Hall, 1238-B Camp Road, James Island, SC. 

All attendees are asked to remain in their cars when arriving in order to shred your documents in a timely manner. Please limit to three (3) boxes (copy paper box or smaller) or three (3) (kitchen trash bag or smaller) per vehicle. There is no need to remove binders, binder clips, paper clips, rubber bans or CDs/DVDs prior to shredding.

We hope you will join us on Friday, November, 18 at 10:00 a.m.



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Update On Hurricane Matthew Debris Removal 

Update on Debris Removal from Hurricane Matthew


Long-term Schedule:


The focus is still to complete a first pass of debris collection for the whole county by the first week of November. The goal for completion of the work is still mid-December at this time.


Current Schedule week of 10/28:


Zone 4 – James Island (9 trucks)

Riverland Terrace area: 2 trucks for vegetative debris committed. à 2 trucks confirmed

Green Acres and Woodland Shores area: 2 trucks for vegetative debris committed. à 2 trucks confirmed

Camp Road Estates area: 2 trucks for vegetative debris committed. à 2 trucks confirmed

 Fort Johnson Road: 1 trucks for vegetative debris committed. à 1 trucks confirmed

Clearview Area: 1 truck for vegetative debris committed. à 1 truck confirmed for vegetative debris

Country Club II/Bel Air areas: 1 truck for vegetative debris committed. à 1 truck confirmed for vegetative debris


Next Priorities Based on Debris amounts:

Julian Clark Neighborhood

Habor Woods Neighborhood

 Dills Bluff Road

Leadwood / Piccadilly



Consolidated Map:

Charleston County will be issuing a consolidated map on Monday, Oct. 31st, showing the break-down of pick-up zones and where pick-up has been completed by the Charleston County Debris Removal Contractors, James Island Public Service District, and the City of Charleston.




Posted by Robin Sanders Friday, October 28, 2016 4:35:00 PM
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