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Traffic Alert: Nighttime Lane Closures continue for the Harbor View Road Improvements Project 

  July 31, 2015

                                                                                                  Release Number: 3930

Shawn Smetana, Public Information Officer
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Traffic Alert: Nighttime Lane Closures continue for the Harbor View Road Improvements Project

Charleston County Government announces nighttime lane closures will continue August 2, 2015.  Crews will be working on Harbor View Road for the Harbor View Road Improvements project. All work is weather permitting.


August 2 – August 9:


  • Nighttime lane closures will occur on Harbor View Road.
  • The work will occur between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. Friday through Saturday nights.
  • Flagmen will be on site to control traffic.
  • At no time will the entire roadway be blocked to traffic.
  • Drivers will have access to businesses and residential properties along Harbor View Road at all times.
  • At least one lane will remain open to traffic under flagging operations.
  • Drivers traveling through the project’s construction zone are asked to be aware of equipment and crews working in the area at all times.


The purpose of the Harbor View Road Improvements project is to improve traffic flow and safety on Harbor View Road and to provide adequate bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The scheduled completion of the project is expected in fall 2016.


The project will include the addition of a center two-way left turn lane between North Shore Drive and Affirmation Boulevard, the addition of right turn lanes at major intersections, the addition of traffic signals at Fort Sumter Drive and Mikell Drive, the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Harbor View Road and Fort Johnson Road and the addition of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.


Visit the official website at for public meeting notices and up-to-date news and information about all Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax road projects. Anyone with questions about the project can call Charleston County’s Transportation Development Department at (843) 202-6140.


For information on Charleston County Government news and services, the public can:


- Prepared by the Charleston County Public Information Office -

Posted by Robin Sanders Monday, August 3, 2015 1:45:00 PM

Request for Qualification (RFQ) Interviews Scheduled 

The Town of James Island Evaluation Committee will interview three (3) firms that submitted Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a Town Hall. Interviews are scheduled as follows:


Thursday, August 6, at 3 p.m. - Creech and Associates

Thursday, August 6, at 4 p.m. - Liollio Architecture

Tuesday, August 11, at 4 p.m. - Rosenblum Coe



Posted by Frances Monday, August 3, 2015 12:22:00 PM

New Town Hall 

Over twenty years ago, our first Mayor, Joan Sooy, purchased property for a Town Hall.    When the City of Charleston and the South Carolina Supreme Court took the first Town away from the people of James Island, that property was lost, but not the dream.   Now that we have a fourth and final incorporation, the Town is ready to move forward.

I made the announcement at the February Council meeting and it was thoroughly discussed at the Budget Workshop in March. We pay $70,000 a year for our rented storefront and there was a strong consensus on Council that we should instead make a permanent investment in a new home.   The Town’s 2015-16 budget, which passed unanimously in June, included $200,000 towards the Town Hall.

I hope Council will select an architect and engineering firm at our August meeting.   One of that firm’s first tasks will be a needs assessment for the proper size of our Town Hall.  I have been thinking that we will need between 25% and 50% more space than our current 4400 square feet—somewhere between 5500 and 7000 square feet, but any final decision must wait.   Of course, affordability will also be a major concern.   One of our criterion for design will be a Town Hall that is "addition friendly."

In February, I proposed funding Town Hall with a bond issue.  Municipalities cannot have mortgages like homeowners or even businesses.   After discussion with our bond attorney, we discovered that if the Town sells bonds, South Carolina law requires that we put a millage on the tax bill.   I believe that the Town would be required to provide a property tax credit against the resulting tax liability.  Of course, I would want to provide such a credit rather than increase taxes on the property owners of our Town.

After further discussions with our attorneys, we determined that lease purchase is a better option than a bond sale.   Therefore, the Town has introduced a property tax millage for payment for Town Hall by lease purchase agreement.   The Town will also use a small part of the funds to maintain a reserve.   As part of the review of the Town's Emergency Plan this spring, our consultant recommended that we begin a reserve fund.

The Town is also providing a property tax credit against this millage.  The credit will be sufficient to zero out the tax liability for all taxpayers.   While the millage will appear on the tax bill, so will a tax credit equal to the amount of the tax liability.   The net tax liability due to the Town will be zero.   The Town's proposal to fund Town Hall will not increase anyone's property tax.

In South Carolina, property tax millage is part of the annual budget process.   If the millage is not renewed each year, it will be removed.   In effect, property tax automatically has a "sunset" provision each and every year.   I anticipate asking Council to continue on the current course in the 2016-17 fiscal year.   If, however, Council does not approve the millage, the minimum lease payments for Town Hall will still be affordable.  Unfortunately, we would have to slow down other capital improvements like paving roads and completing sidewalks for a substantial period of time.   The more we pay now, the sooner Town Hall will be paid off and the smaller the total cost.   I believe the approach to funding Town Hall that was approved by Council by a 3-2 vote is in the best interest of the Town.

Mayor Bill Woolsey

Posted by Bill Saturday, August 1, 2015 9:08:00 AM

County Funding Approved for Camp Road Sidewalk 

Charleston County Council approved the Town's request for matching funds for construction of the Camp Road Sidewalk Phase II.

This is Transportation Sales Tax (TST)  funding.  The Town will use $85,000 of Town funds and Charleston County will match that with $85,000 of TST money.  The Town has already funded the design work.

Phase II of the Camp Road Sidewalk project will provide sidewalk along Camp Road between Dills Bluff Road and Secessionville Road.  

We hope that construction will be completed in the Spring of 2016

Thank you to Charleston County Council for helping the Town of James Island with this project.



Posted by Bill Thursday, July 30, 2015 3:27:00 PM

Town Tax Plan 

Council approved on a 3-2 vote a 20 mil property tax and a $2,948,058 property tax credit.   The millage will appear on the October property tax bill as will a Town property tax credit.   The amount of tax due to the Town will be zero on all tax bills.   Here is an example of a property tax bill including the Town millage and tax credit.

$2,948,058  is equal to the total amount of revenue the Town has received from the LOST (Local Option Sales Tax) Property Tax Credit Fund since 2012, along with the interest earned on those funds, as well as the amount the Town anticipates receiving during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

The millage is for payment for a Town Hall by lease purchase agreement and the maintenance of a reserve.

The Town's tax plan will not increase the property tax of any taxpayer.  However, I deeply regret that I was unable to convince a majority of JIPSD Commissioners to reduce rather than raise their property tax and allow the Town to pay the JIPSD for solid waste collection by contract.   That plan would have allowed for a substantial reduction in property tax in the Town.  Even though a reduction in property tax was not possible this year, I still believe that it is in the best interest of the Town to provide a  tax credit against its own millage.  I appreciate the support of the majority of Town Council.

I hope that a property tax reduction will be possible in the near future, most likely after the 2016 JIPSD elections.

Mayor Bill Woolsey




Posted by Bill Friday, July 24, 2015 10:15:00 PM
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