The James Island Neighborhood Council includes representatives of the neighborhoods of the Town. The Neighborhood Council provides an opportunity to share neighborhood concerns, provide input to the Mayor and Town Council, encourage the development of crime watch and emergency preparedness. The Chairman of the Public Safety Committee serves as Council Liaison to the James Island Neighborhood Council. For more information, please contact the Committee Chairperson, Zennie Quinn. Click here for agendas and minutes.

Does your neighborhood association have a representative? Contact Town Hall at 795-4141.

Chairman, Zennie Quinn, representing Lynwood,

Council Liaison, Troy Mullinax,

Bright Ariail, representing Stone Post,

Melissa Dority, representing Lighthouse Point,

Katherine Shapiro, representing Eastwood,

Karen Wilder-Smalls, representing Sol Legare,

Robin Hardin, representing Fort Johnson,

Henrietta Martin, representing Honey Hill,

John Wilson, representing Riverland Terrace,

Alan Laughlin, representing Lawton Bluff,

Keith Mayfield, representing Harborwoods,

John Metcalf, representing Battery Point,

Beth Burn, representing Stiles Point,

Meredith Poston, representing Centerville,

Michael O'Neale, representing Dellwood,

Lauren Gellatly, representing Whitehouse Plantation,

Vance Sudano, representing Oceanview,

Willie Parker, representing Fleming Road Community,

Lyndy Palmer, representing Quail Run,

Barbara Evans, representing Clark's Point,

Sherman Evans, representing Queensborough,

Richard Schramm, representing Farmington,

Tim Geho, representing Parrot Creek, 

Alexandra Purro, representing McCall's Corner,

Shawn James,

Mark Johnson,


Neighborhood Council Yard of the Month Program

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