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September 19, September Council Meeting Notes

September Council Meeting Notes

     James Island Town Council met Thursday, September 18.
Former Town Councilwoman Mary Beth Berry was given a plaque in honor of her service to the Town.
     Council approved the $100,000 match for the Jerdone/Stiles Sidewalk project.
     The Town Administrator, Ashley Kellahan, reported that the bids are in for the erosion control project on Sweetgrass Drive and the contract will come before Council for approval in October.   She also reported that the Town's Foxcroft sidewalk project is nearly complete.
     Councilman Blank, Chairman of the Town's Land Use Committee, reported that a new Sherman William's Paint Store is being constructed in the Town on Folly Road.
     Councilman Garrett Milliken, Chairman  of the Town's Environmental and Beautification Committee, reported on James Island Pride's recent litter pick up day.   He also announced that James Island Pride will be participating in the Green Fair at James Island County Park this coming Sunday.
     Council reappointed Chairman Grant Scurry and Deanne Grayson to James Island Pride.   Council also appointed Mary Beth Berry, Anna Mae Fludd, and  Katherine Williams to James Island Pride.   Their terms will run to September 2016.
     Council voted to revise the rules for Citizen Committees.   The purpose of James Island Pride was expanded to include increase awareness of history and culture.   Also, projects, events and new committees proposed by Citizen's Committees will be presented to Town Council for approval.
     Council voted to accept Jeffery and Lemontree Roads into the Town's maintenance system, and also to accept the remainder of Ben Road.
Council voted to amended the Town's Traffic Calming Policy.   The procedure for lowering the speed limit or putting in traffic control devices, such as speed humps, was clarified.   The standards were changed to be more consistent with those of other area municipalities.   The rule for traffic control devices is average speeds greater than the speed limit or else 5 m.p.h. over the speed limit for the 85th percentile.
     Council passed the second and final reading for the rezoning of the Dills Bluff Preserve to Planned Development.   The thirty home development will be going forward.
     Council passed the first reading of a budget revision.   The Town forecasts $130,000 in additional revenue.   The proposal includes spending an additional $55,000 for the Island Sheriff's Patrol, increasing hours from an equivalent of 2 to 3 full time officers.   The proposal includes $30,000 for grounds maintenance.  That is for the Town's park as well as right of way beautification and maintenance.   It includes adding $15,000 to the recreation budget to contribute to the refurbishment of James Island Charter High School's baseball field.   The proposal includes $30,000 for a home refurbishment program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.   Second and final reading of the budget revision is scheduled for the October meeting

September 10, Harbor View Road Construction Times

Harbor View Road Construction Time of Day

Update from County Councilman Joe Qualey:

Construction on Harbor View Road will start after 8:00 PM and they must be out the roadway by 6:00 AM.


September 10, Harbor View Road Improvements project to begin construction

Harbor View Road Improvements project to begin construction

Work will include improvements to Harbor View Road between North Shore Drive and Fort Johnson Road.

The Harbor View Road Improvements project will begin construction related activities on Sept. 15, 2014. Citizens can expect to see full construction underway in the coming weeks. The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety on Harbor View Road and to provide adequate bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The scheduled completion of the project is expected in Sept. 2016.

The project will include the following improvements:

  • Center two-way left turn lane between North Shore Drive and Affirmation Boulevard
  • Addition of right turn lanes at major intersections
  • Addition of traffic signals at Fort Sumter Drive and Mikell Drive
  • Construction of roundabout at the intersection of Harbor View Road and Fort Johnson Road
  • Addition of pedestrian and bicycle facilities

The construction will cover 2.1 miles of Harbor View Road. The project is expected to take two years to complete. Visit the official website at http://roads.charlestoncounty.org for public meeting notices and up-to-date news and information about all Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax road projects. Anyone with questions about the project can call Charleston County’s Transportation Development Department at (843) 202-6140.

(From Charleston County Press Release)

September 9, CTC Approved Funding for Two Town Projects

CTC Approved Funding for Two Town Transportation Projects

    The Charleston County Transportation Committee (CTC)  approved $200,000 for two Town transportation projects today.

    CTC approved $100,000 to pave Jeffrey and Lemontree Roads. The Town will be providing a $100,000 match.  The funds are for both design and construction.   

     CTC also approved $100,000 to construct a sidewalk along Jerdone Street and along Stiles Drive between Jerdone and the existing sidewalk on Mikell..   The Town is providing a $100,000 match for this project as well.    Last year, CTC funded $35,000 for design of the project.

     The "Jerdone bypass" will connect two segments of sidewalk on Fort Johnson Road.    The Fort Johnson Sidewalk project will run from the current end of the sidewalk near Harborview Road to Jerdone and also from Mikell to the current end of the sidewalk at Lighthouse Blvd.   Unfortunately, there is no sidewalk along Fort Johnson between Jerdone and Mikell because there are too many grand trees and high earthen berms.
     The Town's project will allow pedestrians to bypass the missing segment.   The sidewalk on Jerdone and then along Stiles Drive between Jerdone and the existing sidewalk on Mikell will allow access back to Fort Johnson.
     The Fort Johnson sidewalk project is a 1/2 cent sales tax project that will provide pedestrian access from Fort Johnson to Folly Road.    The project continues from the current end of the sidewalk at Seaside Lane on to Camp Road.  Because of issues with grand trees along Fort Johnson between Camp and Dills Bluff, the route will go down Camp Road and then Dills Bluff back to Fort Johnson.   This "Camp Road" bypass accomplishes the Town's "Phase 1" Camp Road sidewalk project which was the Town's Transportation Sales Tax project from last year.   The Dills Bluff segement will connect to the existing sidewalk on Fort Johnson Rd on to Folly.
     Charleston County Council recently approved the contract for the Fort Johnson Road sidewalk project, so construction should begin soon.    There remain some SDOT permitting issues with the Jerdone and Stiles project, but it should be completed more or less along with the larger Fort Johnson project.

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